ILeather Catch

Zippered leather pouch. Inside is bare, no compartments. Good for holding papers, receipts from the market, shopping list, etc. C1102 $5.00 PLUS shipping of $5.80 (Priority)                             SOLD 4/2/16

Credit Card holder. It is hand crafted and custom made to resist scanning information off your cards as you carry them. Foil lining, covered by durable fabric should reflect any electronic monitoring.Secured with a heavy duty snap.Great for international travel. Safe Secure, Private.

#P1105                                                                                                                $40.00





FuPassport Protector

This is a passport and credit card protector for travelers. the leather is lined with foil and secured with an adhesive. Over the foil is a durable fabric to hold the foil in place. this make is difficult for anyone to scan information off your credit cards. Designed after a a passport travel pouch that normally hangs around the  neck and inside a garment. The handle can be replaced with a long cord for this purpose.                      #P1106                                                                                                                                     $33.00


Leather purse with areas for keys and phone. Soft leather with that wonderful aroma. .

#P1104                         $10.00 Plus $6.00 Shipping

FBlue Triangle purse

Genuine leather is used in this catch-all. It is the size of a small pistol. The leather is a deeper blue than what shows in this picture.                                                                        #P1107                                                                                                                                   $10.00

What a luxurious purse. The leather is soft and has that distinctive smell that exudes richness. It has a should strap which is extra broad for comfort.

 The size is approximately 4 X 10 X 8 deep.                                                                                      P1108                                                                                                                           $25.00

This purse is nick named “The Saddlebag” purse. It has three separate compartments, each with its own clasp. Extra rivets will make this purse last a long time. The leather is genuine upholstery grade.

P1109                                                                                                       $75.00

Genuine leather sewn into a catch. Inside is a zippered coin pouch, also made of genuine leather. The Indian Cross is secured to the flap. A heavy duty snap keeps the flap closed This carrier has belt loops on the back for carrying.

P1110                                                                                                                                               $15.00