Spanish Briar Burl Fountain Pen

The Spanish Briar Burl wood was intended to becomes pipes and was to be sent to England. We had the burl cut and made pens out it instead. the nib has Iridium treated point. It will accept either a pump mechanism  or cartridge ink supply system. The metal is heavy 24k gold plate. Birdseye Maple was used to create the case. It is hand rubbed with teak for a finish. The point is medium.                                                              FP301 Instrument is $ 75.00, Case is $65.00 together they are $130.00.


Steampunk design. This fountain pen uses a mechanical pump or cartridge. It is entirely hand crafted in brass. This pen is yours for two hundred dollars. The point is medium and Iridium.

Special Brier wood makes this pen. It delivers ink via pump or cartridge.

#FP06                                                                                                  $86.00

Aboyna wood used in the construction of this fountain pen. It has a medium nib with Iridium treated point. Ink is delivered via pump or cartridge.

#FP04                                                                                                       $65.00

The wood is Spanish Brier Burl. the burl was going to be shipped to England to be made into a pipe. I am not against pipe smoking, but I loved this wood and knew it would make an exceptional looking pen.  Ink is delivered by a cartridge or pump, seen in the picture on the left.The nib has gold plate and is treated with Iridium.

FP FP05                                                                                                            $85.00

The mango is native to South Asia and makes this pen distinctive. Ink is delivered via cartridge or pump as seen in the pictures. The nib size is medium. It has been treated with Iridium for durability and to prevent premature wear.

FP 307                                                                                                                     $100.00

Cocobolo from South American make the majority of this fountain pen. The lighter colored tip is Coulter Pine. Two metal segments have been inserted. The ink is delivered via pump or cartridge.

#FP03                                                                                                                            $97.00

IAmboyna Fountain 1 3-27

Amboya  is a wood is native to Southeastern Asia and Northern Australasia.  The pen delivers ink with a cartridge or mechanical pump. the nib is gold-plated, is medium and is treated with Iridium to the point.

FP302                                                                                                                                       $86.00

Chrome, gold mixed with blue stabilized wood make this an eye-catching pen. It uses a roller ball for smooth writing.

RB308                                                                                                                                $35.00


A burl made of Spanish Brier wood was headed to England to me made into smoking pipes. We intercepted it, not that we have anything against smoking pipes, and made it into pens. A luxurious wood with a history. it uses a roller ball ink refill.

RB309                                                                                                               $65.00

Black Ebony is used the make this extraordinary pen. In reality is truly black. the two bands on the top are turquoise. The metal components are sterling silver plate. the ink refill is roller ball..

RB310                                                                                                                    $65.00