Lever Action White Tail Deer

Whoooa, get a load of this pen. It has white tail deer antler in the body. the cap portion is scrolled with “We The People”. The metal components are antique brass. The point is exposed by pulling on the lever style clip. and it cocks like a rifle. Inside is an upgraded gel ink refill replacing the standard Parker style ball point.                                                                  LA201                                                                               $95.00

lever Koa 1.1

Lever action, nickel plated. Koa came from Steve Guzy, Hawaii, a fellow pen turner/craftsman. To expose the writing point the lever is cocked just as you wold a Henry Repeater rifle. Inside is a Parker style in refill wich can be changed at any time. #LA207                                                                                                                                     $65.00

Lever Koa 2.2

Same Lever Action as Inventory numberedLA207. Koa from Hawaii on plated nickel. this side shows the chamber for the bullets.

Lever Firestone Cork 1

Nickel-plated lever-action ball point pen. the ball point can be upgraded to a gel refill at any time. The body is from a spent wine cork from the Firestone Winery in Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara County, California. Firestone rubbed shoulders with the likes of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison .                                                                                                              WC510                                                                                                                                   $95.00

Firestone 2

WC 510

Lever Action Antique Brass White Tail Deer Red Dye - subdued

LA208                                                                                                                                     #75.00

Firestone 3

Lever Action in Antique Brass. the barrel is White Tail Deer Antler with red dye. the nib is copper replicating a copper bullet tip. Ink is delivered via Parker style ink refill. The ink can be replaced at any time. It can be changed to a gel and also various colors. this pen weighs just right, is fun to operate, creates discussion and just plain looks good. LA208 $75.00

Nickle Plated Lever Action Antler 1

Nickle plated lever-action out of white tail deer antler. Inside is a long-lasting Parker style ink refill.                                                                            LA    #206        SOLD                                                   #75.00

ILever Action Maple 1

Maple burl and antique brass. Lever action pen cocks like a Henry repeater. Ink refill is a Parker style. This pen will make conversations.                                                                                    #LA205                                                                     $65.00

Lever 1

Lever action antique brass the inscription ” We The People”. white tail; deer antler . Inside is a Parker style ink refill that can be changed at any time. The action to extrude the point is similar to the old Henry lever-action rifle.                                                                  #L A202                                                                                                                        $75.00

Lever 6.3

Antique Brass lever-action pen with spent wine cork from the Beringer winery. The white ring at the bottom of the cork is antler. Inside is a Parker style ink refill that can be upgraded at any time.                                                                                                                                                #LA203                                                                                                                                    $80.00

Antique nickel with scroll work. Lever action replica of a Henry lever-action rifle. The body is of white tail deer antler. Inside is a Parker style ball point refill which can be changed or upgraded at any time.

#LA204                                                                                                    $75.00

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