Throughout history sailing has been instrumental in the development of civilization, affording mobility for trade, transport, warfare, and fishing. Though it’s greatest contribution has been to the many great explorations in the world. This pen captures the romance and adventure of old sailing ships. It has a captivating scene engraved on tip of a grand tall ship, while the end is embellished with the captain’s wheel and compass. Nautical rope accents can be found throughout and encircling the detailed Anchor clip, which given it’s history, is considered a symbol of well-grounded hope. Easy to make and features a Parker® style refill. The rustic, authentic look of this antique brass will pair beautifully with any wood blank. We have taken quality solid brass components with brass plating and chemically darkened it to simulate aged brass, which results in a gorgeous, long lasting brown plating with golden undertone. THE WOOD USED IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF THIS PEN IS FROM THE U.S.S. CALIFORNIA BATTLESHIP. The pen comes with a certificate of authenticity of he wood source. The ship was at Pearl Harbor. It was raised and went on to fight in the Pacific at major battles. the specifics are on the accompanying certificate.
n 1001   $95.00

U.S.S. California Battleship Deck Teak Wood Pen Set.Wood from the deck of the U.S.S. California Battleship. The California was sunk in Pearl harbor during the attack, was raised and fought six major battles in the Pacific. After refitting the ship was too large to sail through the Panama Canal and sailed around South America Continent to join the fight. The pen and pencil set are totally functional and can be daily writers. A Parker style ink tube is in one while the other uses .5mm. pencil lead. The metal components are of a heavy 24 kt gold plate.  The case has the deck wood ends and maple in the center. It uses hidden hinges and magnets to secure the lid. Both the case and the pens are hand finished with teak oil. The set is yours for $160.00.


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