Saturn 5 Rocket

The writing part of this pen “lifts off” the base and delivers ink to page via Cross ink refill. This desk set is yours for two hundred and ninety nine dollars. It is entirely brass. It features: fuel tanks, landing ladder, hatch, gauge and escape pod. This neo-classic pen sits on your desk and will always invite conversation. Prints of this iconic theme can be purchased for twenty dollars through Fine Art America and the shipping is free.!!


Steampunk Wine Cork


Steampunk Gears

Gears, pulleys, Pistons Screws,; Oh My…. !!! Bolt action pushes the pen i out. It ruses a Parker style ball point that can be upgraded to a gel. Yours for fifty six dollars. Hand crafted and very custom. It will probably outlast you, if it isn’t gripped by someone first. Victorian art deco.


Steampunk Cable

Cables, pulleys, copper, brass and screws. If you are a fan of leveraging (bankers) this should be on your desk. If you’ve ever ridden the cable cars in San Francisco this is a must. These are hand crafted, custom pens that are one-of-a-kind so your decision must be before someone else’s. This Cable pen is yours for fifty-nine dollars. It is fully functional and uses a Parker style ink supply that can be easily changed to gel.Prints of this instrument can be purchased through Fine Art America for twenty dollars and we ship it for FREE!!


Steampunk Flower

Mixed with Victorian, heavy machinery, flower and coffee  bean are in this design. Brass, brass and rhodium metals. Coffee bean embedded in acrylic blend the neo-agricultural theme. Fully functional and a piece of art for one hundred and seventy-five dollars. A Print of this hand crafted one-of-a-kind writing instrument can be purchased through fine Art America.


Steampunk Moon Digger

Features, landing ladder, gold nugget, solar panels, escape hatch, moon walker, gauge. Prints are available at Fine Art America and ETSY under Steampunk Pen $165.00.

Copper Lizard is the name of this instrument, It has a dragons eye crystal on the finial. It is made almost entirely of copper and no parts have been glued together. This is a hand crafted pen of real copper. To change the ink just lift the copper drive wire and slide the finial aside. the spring will automatically push the tube out. Keep an eye on the spring, we do not want to loose it. A special pen showing your individuality. It is yours for $29.00 plus $7.00 shipping. I think priority is a little more than seven dollars so we are not making money on the shipping and there is no handling charge. Twenty nine dollars. If you want a discount, purchase it through Etsy by using the code “spring15”. This offer expired March 15, 2017,


Steampunk Fountain Pen


Saturn Five features include: fuel tanks, landing ladder, hatch, gauge, escape pod, and external fuel lines.

Below is the Steampunk Fountain Pen. it is suitable to carry in a shirt pocket. There is fine work designing and implementing  the delicate brass works. Ink is delivered by a cartridge or a mechanical pump. Both go with the instrument. More than a week went into constructing this work. It is all brass with exception to the 24 kt gold plated nib, center band and finial. This instrument is fully functional and will always start a conversation. You can have it for $200.00.I will pay for shipping and insurance.



If you want a fountain pen that is a daily writer and one that you can carry into a meeting, this is the pen for you. Ink is delivered with either a cartridge or a mechanical pump,l both come with the pen. This Victorian, heavy machinery, fantasy inspired pen is made of brass. The only other material, other than the ink supply system, is the 24 kt gold platted finial, center bands and nib. Reach into you pocket and pull out two hundred and seven dollars. Two hundred dollars is for the instrument and seven dollars is for shipping. The pen will be insured for three hundred dollars and will paid by Eagle point Pens.


This pen writes with upgrade black fine point gel ink refill and it is a superior writing instrument. The pen is a desk top pen because it is eight inches long with the cap on. Brass was used to construct the pen with few other parts, such as: ink tube, finial and nib.These theme is light saber or space craft. You can buy this pen for $85.00 plus seven dollars shipping. I think priority is now $6.85.sp-rollerball-2-2




Steampunk Contractor’s Assistant

Features of the Contractor’s Assistant include: bubble level (not to be used in building sky scrapers) tin snips (inside clip and can be removed), bolt action pen point, torsion spring clip tension.



The start of a new design that eventually was joined with a spent wine cork.






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