Landmark Vineyard Steampunk


Above and below. Steampunk Light Saber pen. Above picture is in closed position and the bottom picture is with the nib extended. Over 80 hours of work into construction this pen. The pen uses copper and brass as the main materials. Six different sizes of brass tubing to make the main frame. A slide bolt along a copper keeper extends the point for writing. Luke Sky-walker’s Rebel logo is on the main body just over the nib housing.

One like this can be built for you at a price of $1,000.00


Modified to a Steampunk Influence. This exquisitely detailed pen was inspired by the Federal period and will make a rich, historical gift. The Federal period represents a 50-year period starting about 1780. Architecture, furnishings and decorative embellishments of this era typically reflected the Neoclassical style, which includes influences from Greece and Rome. The pen end features a Federally inspired convex mirror which helped to illuminate rooms when accompanied by candles. The pen end also includes Doric column influenced designs as well as a striking bald eagle which was common symbol used during this period. Finally, the pen clip and elements on the pen end and tip feature detailed, intricately designed scroll-work. Features a Parker style refill. This pen is my personal writer and is for sale at #350.00




Light Saber under construction


Light Saber pen under construction. 12/27/16





Above. Start of Steampunk 401-1. Eighteen hours labor dontributed to this point. Another attachment, trimming and then polishing to finished this portion. Then to see if it will compliment the writing portion of a pen. Looks pretty rough at this part of the construction. 12/20/16


The spent wine cork is from the Landmark Vineyard. Metal parts on the top are heavy 24 k gold plate. the bottom ins all brass with the exception of one copper pipe. Ink is delivered with a fine point roller ball. hand crafted and polished.

SP  103                                                        $200.00



Steampunk pen. Parker ink refill.

#101   –    $175.00

Acrylic pen with Caution Sign – Man Shoveling. Silent click mechanism with Parker style ink refill.

CC1212                                  $35.00

Blue White Tec Pen 1

Custom crafted Tec pen. The finial contains a mesh styled touch stylus. The tip can be easily replaced. The metal components are gun meta while the barrel is Blue and White acrylic. Inside is a Parker style ink refill that too  can be easily changed.        CC207         $35.00 – SOLD

Tec Blue Mesh Bolt

Tec bolt-action pen. Acrylic center is blue, black and white  mix. On the top is the new style mesh touch stylus. Inside is a long-lasting Parker style ink refill.Twirl this around in your fingers while code on your computer.

#CC1207        $35.00 – SOLD

Wenge wood used to make this cigar writer. Ink is delivered via roller ball. Green cigar label is imbibed into surface under several coasts of cyanoacrylate and blo. On display at ENGRAPHICS, 9023B, Friendswood Dr., Friendswood.

CC1208                                                                                                                                $35.00

Battleship 3Battleship 1 ABattlership C

Teak wood from the deck of the U.S. S. California. This ship was sunk at Pearl Harbor attack. It was raised and refitted to go on and fight the rest of World War II. The certificate authenticates the purchaser of the wood from an exotic wood yard and the crafting of the pens and case.                                                                                                                                                                                       CC1208                                                     $200.00

Cigar Black Ebony 1Cigar Black Ebony 2

Ebony makes this exotic Cigar Style pen. Ciga  label is embedded under several coats of cyanoacrylate and blo. Fine point roller ball.

C1206                                                                                                                                      $20.00

Cigar writer closedFCigar Writer Open

Red Label cigar pen. Made from white oak and Corian. The ink is delivered via roller ball that can be replaced with refill from a stationery store.

CC#1203                                                                                                                                  $35.00

Cigar Black Label ClosedFCigar Black Label Open

Desk top cigar humidor. Black Pearl label is embedded into the surface. The cigar inside the humidor is made of wood and is a pen. it does not come with the humidor unless you want it. It is priced separately.

CC1210                                                                                                                                            $135.00

FCigar Writer Red Label ClosedCigar Red Label Open

Cigar writer is made of oak. The ash is fashioned from Corian. Inside is a roller ball with metal housing made of heavy 24 k gold plate. Hand crafted, custom one of a kind.

#CC1211                                                                                                                                              $35.00


2 thoughts on “CUSTOM CRAFTED

  1. Dear Sir
    My name is Scot and we talked with you at the Friendswood craft show. I’d like to see what we could do for a Soccer pin a nice one thats smooth writing . I’d like it to have the name of the team and colors with his name Warren Armstrong. The Team is the Tottenham Hotspurs not sure just how you could design it so we could see it. Plus the cost for this pin and refills. Remember nice
    Scot Maust


    • Scott; Pen delivered. I hope it exceeded your wishes. I also have some special parts ordered to construct, no pun intended’ a construction themed pen. It will have a hammer as the clip. There will be brass and copper parts to it.


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