Southwestern 2

Journey through the American Southwest. Intricately designed , this pen shows a desert mesa flower at the top.; an earthy but elegant circular motif; two rows of antique beads & twisted rope, centered with turquoise cabochons. Pen and nib bands feature geometric designs  inspired by the American Indians, their weaving patterns and customs. The stylized arrowhead clip denotes protection. THE turquoise , stone of the Southwest & the antique authentic patina look of pewter are all seen in this pen. turquoise is used by this craftsman on other pens as well.                                                   T404                         SOLD 5/6/16                                                                                                 $75.0






IHolly Twist

Holly the whitest known wood is used to make this twist pen. Ink is supplied via a Parker style ink refill. The shiny metal is Rhodium, a hard and durable finish.                                                           T410                                                                                     $45.00

An unusual combination of leather and Coulter Pine Cone make this set. Leather is used on the bottom of these instruments making them extremely easy to write with. Coulter Pine from Lake Arrowhead California is used for the top. Coulter Pine cones are also known as “widow makers”. their leaves are so sharp that they will puncture a tire. the case is hand crafted of Maple and Wenge on the ends. Ink is supplied by a Parker style ink refill.
T407         Case $75.00., Pens $96.00 together $$160.00

Black Alligator and Ebony and Torquoise

Genuine dyed black alligator covers the bottom of this pen. the top is black Ebony. Satin chrome make up the metal components. It uses a Parker style ink refill that has been upgraded to a gel, replacing the Parker ball point. This pen is one of a kind and for a special person. A great deal of times was put into the construction of this instrument.                               T411                                                                                 $225.00

Coffe Bean Chrome Twist

Coffee Bean acrylic for the body of this pen. It has a contoured tip for ways gripping and long writing time. Inside is a Parker style ink refill                                                                                                  . T41 0                            SOLD                                                       0 $23.00

ITitanium 3

Cross Ink supply. This is a larger picture of the titanium Slime pen. This pen is perfect for a rocket scientist (that is where I got the Titanium) or exotic metal worker.                                                           T412                                                                                         $300.00


IExecutive Blue Stabilized

Rhodium metal is used for the nob and finial. The metal is very hard and maintains a shiny finish. Despite this picture, this pen is dark blue. It is made from stabilized wood. This is a well balanced writing instrument. Ink is supplied via a Parker style ink refill.                                                                                                                                                       T406                                                                                                                                 $25.00





Blue Twist Chrome Executive

Blue acrylic with chrome components. Uses a Parker style ink refill.

T411                                        SOLD                                           $ 25.00



Six Segment Twist Big Ben

Six different woods make this unusual design. Maple, Blood wood, Wenge, Ebony, Holly, Teak. It uses a Parker style refill that can be changed at any time. The metal components are heavy 24k gold plate.                                                                        T401                                                      SOLD                 $35.00


IHolly with Wenge 3

Holly is the whitest known wood and this pen and case have it. Rhodium metal is used for the nib on this pen. It is a hard and lustrous metal that will last and last. The Holly looks soft and warm and should remind you of Christmas, warm fire, cookies, Christmas cards and egg nog. the case is also hand crafted out of Wenge wood with Holly wood inlay. the hinges are hidden and the lid is secured with earth magnets.                                                     TS405 Pen $75.00 Case $65.00                                                                           Together $130.00.




Nautical 2

Nautical theme for this memorial writing instrument. The wood is teak from the deck of the U.S.s. California. Launched November 20, 1919. Commissioned August 10, 1921. Heavily damaged in the attack at Pearl Harbor. Raised and refitted to fight throughout the remainder of World War II. Decommissioned February 14, 1947. The pen uses a Parker style ink refill that can be changed at a time. Even though this  is a memorial pen, it is also a daily writer.  The pen is certificated by the craftsman and the purchaser of the wood. A teak case of the same wood source is available for $65.00.                        T412                                                SOLD  4/2/16                                                                              $95.00

BBasketweave and Ebony

The bottom is leather with a blue basket weave pattern. Black Ebony with turquoise inlay on tome Gun-metal components. A Parker style refill can be changed at any time. This as an unusual daily writer.. I am pricing this pen at a loss just to see if anyone is paying attention to my site. I will sell it as listed.          T409         SOLD                                     $5.00 PLUS SHIPPING $5.85





The American Cowboy lives what he believes: Doesn’t conform to anyone’s mold. He is a man of substance, strength and courage. The cowboy symbols on this pen are evidence of the culture of hard work, horsemanship and  the replica of a tooled leather on the top of the clip is the ultimate symbol if this American icon. The interlocking horseshoes on the center band are a symbol of luck. While the stars are a nod to the sheriffs of the wild West, and stand for law, order and good will. Smooth writing performance with Parker style refill. Plus, with this rich, warm copper finish and dark antique highlights , the details of this pen will surely impress . Presentation box is included.                                                                                                                                   T402                                                                                                                        $25.00

Cowboy 3

Presentation Box for the Cowboy pen. Included T402