Lever Firestone Cork 1

Lever action nickel plated pen with Firestone spent wine cork. The cork is from a wine bottle, Sadly the wine is gone but what remains are the memories f the fun while consuming it. A long-lasting Parker style ink refill provides smooth writing and can easily be changed. Firestone rubbed elbows with famous people such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. the vineyard is located in Santa Barbara County, at Santa Yenz Valley. #WC510   $95.00 – SOLD, another can be made if your supply the cork.

Lever 6.3

Antique Brass lever-action pen with spent wine cork from the Beringer winery. The white ring at the bottom of the cork is antler. Inside is a Parker style ink refill that can be upgraded at any time.                                                                                                                                                            #WC503      80.00  SOLD, Another can be made.

wenti Cork 1Wenti Cork 2

Wine cork from the Wente Vineyards. White oak from a wine cask is used for the bottom. The metal components are heavy 24 k gold. Inside is a Parker style ball point pen which can be upgraded to a gel when you order the pen.

WC#504                                                                                                             $35.00

Ironhorse 2Ironhorse 3

Cork from a spent bottle of Ironhorse wine. The metal components are chrome. Ink is delivered via roller ball. this is a beautiful daily writer.

#WC505                  $76.00  SOLD


ICork and Bolt Action 1

Cork from a spent wine bottle makes for an interesting body on this pen. The logo i still visible. The exterior of the cork is hardened and protected with cyanoacrylate and blo combination (trade secret).  The metal components are antique brass. The bolt-action lever is what exposes the point and locks it into position for writing. A Parker style ball point Parker style refill can be upgraded to a gel with your request upon ordering.                                                                                                                                                       #WC503          $55.00  SOLD

Stained cork closed

IStained cork Open

SIMI Vineyard made the wide that this cork held in its bottle. The cork was fashioned in such a way to fit the top of this writing instrument. The cork was stained with a water based tan which gives it a matching glow this pen set. Metal components are heavy 24 k gold plate. Ink is delivered via fine point roller ball. If you have a cork from a spent wine bottle that has memories, it can be transformed into something used every day.

#WC501        $105.00  SOLD. supply your favorite cork for your own pen.

Wine Cork with leather 1

Wine cork from a spent bottle was fashioned for the top portion of this writing instrument. One the bottom is a soft leather for comfortable writing. The metal components are heavy 24 k gold plate. Inside is a Parker style ink refill which can be upgraded to a gel upon you request.

#WC502                                                                                                                                     $55.00